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These buds produce a robust piney aroma with a warm earthy with a spicy tingle to the tongue upon exhaling. Zombie’s buds are bright green with orange hairs laced throughout the nugs. These nugs are covered in sticky crystals that shimmer in the light and are sure to impress even the pickiest of herb connoisseurs.

Zombie is a total creeper as you may feel minimal effects immediately after consuming, but before you know it you are in a deep state of relaxation. Expect your buzz to first feel euphoric and lazy followed by a burst of cerebral energy. Some users even describe the high as one that is positive, happy, and completely paranoid and anxiety free. The high then progresses into a serious case of the munchies and a strong desire to find a couch or bed to lay down.


Half-Pound, Pound, 14 Grams, 28 Grams, 3.5 Grams, 7 Grams

16 reviews for Zombie

  1. Cat

    Cat (verified owner)

    Previous batch
    Big sticky Buds Very tasty. Good for relaxing after a long day. Nice creeper buzz

  2. Laucass

    Laucass (verified owner)

    Previous batch
    I bought this on Walter recommendation. Order came in I am telling you this weed is beyond anything. Kick ass hardcore kushy pine taste buds are light green very sticky, fresh and perfectly cured. After half a joint I went to flush my Aurora tasteless over dried buds lol .. only regret I just took an ounce. Probably a top 5 all time. Thank you for bringing this one.

  3. Concepcion

    Concepcion (verified owner)

    Previous batch
    Good Buzz… I give it a 5 star. I definitely order again

  4. zz123

    zz123 (verified owner)

    Previous batch
    Maybe my favourite new bedtime smoke. It creeps slowly, but results in a deep relaxation, helping me fall asleep with no munchies. It’s the strain I didn’t know I needed, and I’ll be coming back for more.

    Buds are light green, somewhat fluffy, sticky, and covered in beautiful white trichomes.

  5. dnavia

    dnavia (verified owner)

    Previous batch
    Absolutely fantastic. As previous reviews mentioned; big sticky buds. Fresh and full of aroma. Absolutely fantastic evening bud. Fantastic quality. Definitely getting this one again

  6. LauGuy2017

    LauGuy2017 (verified owner)

    Previous batch
    Quite happy with this one. Will order again.

  7. brandon1993271

    Brandon Glennie (verified owner)

    Previous batch
    Fantastic strain. Taste, appearance, and high are all 10/10. Been my go to for quite awhile.

  8. Dennis

    Dennis (verified owner)

    Very good quality Product ! buds Look and smell awesome great tasting stuff in a joint . Been smoking 20+ yrs must say very impressed with this dispensary,s Quality in General !

  9. brandon1993271

    Brandon Glennie (verified owner)

    Fantastic strain. Easily my go to.

  10. Aecesout2

    Aecesout2 (verified owner)

    Well, not in my top 5 but still does a great job overall. Somewhat a bit too fluffy for me. I like it heavy and fat, fast and furious on the buzz and this one is not in it. But, its a well growned strain that belongs in the this flower chart and will ease your worries with a great relaxing high.

  11. Stevo

    Stevo (verified owner)

    Great nighttime smoke! I’ll buy again.

  12. TQuanja

    TQuanja (verified owner)

    Big buds. Great night time smoke. Third time buying Zombie and will buy again:)

  13. Tourylum

    Charlotte Berry (verified owner)

    The best looking bud I’ve seen in a long time. Absolutely beautiful! The flavour was not exactly to my taste, but still enjoyable due to the unusual full bodied earthy bouquet. That and I also ordered the Fruit Punch which is now in my top 5 for flavour and high. Definitely a priemum grow as this was a strong high. I am a long time daily user (20 yrs) and normally only buy AAAA as anything less does nothing for me. A flavourful strong high. Not my fav, but if on sale I will definitely order again.

  14. Harami

    Harami (verified owner)

    This bud was filled with trichomes. It also looked pretty cool like it looked like zombie weed. The high was very hybrid for me, I used it for daytime and it was a nice feeling. Nothing that makes your heart race and have all sorts of anxiety, it’s a relaxing strain that will make you happy and uplifted.

  15. kaiakush

    Will (verified owner)

    Very nice smoke! Buds have a citrusy smell, and tastes great in a joint. Sticky, light green & covered in trichomes.

  16. Beck

    1eye (verified owner)

    Pretty stoney stuff. I really enjoyed it. Just purchased some more. Lol

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