When you first crack the can of UK cheese, a hearty, cheesy stank that wafts off these yellow-green nuggets will smack you in the face. Rich, sweet and cheesy. It tastes just like it smells. It’s genetics are a hybrid of sativa and indica, but most will find that the sativa genes show through more so than the indica.

It’ll hit your head first, reddening your eyes and tying a smile to your face. Sativa effects will come on strong, while any pain you had should dissolve away shortly after you take your first puff.

Grab a can of UK Cheese today and twist up a spliff of this classic strain.


14 Grams, 28 Grams, 3.5 Grams, 7 Grams

4 reviews for UK Cheese

  1. travis11592

    travis11592 (verified owner)

    I will start by saying that my 3 star is due to strain specific reasons. I found that the smell was 50% cheesy and 50% pine, which was a disappointment or me when it comes to uk cheese. The taste was very woody it did not have a typical uk cheese taste for me. I do believe that this should have been dried longer, considering when you bend the stems they do not snap they reform their structure, the stems should easily snap and you should hear it. Besides that the high is a perfect mellow high that you can do really anything on. Potency is there aswell very smooth and enjoyable smoke if you like the woody taste.

  2. phlups

    phlups (verified owner)

    UK Cheese is one of my favorite strains ever. BCBudStore always had the best one in the past so when I saw the sale on and the product in stock, I had to jump on it. The grow on this is perfection. AAAA all the way. Resinous, well trimmed, great colour, moisture on point, etc… Amazing bag appeal on these large nugs. Smell and taste was odd on this one. Usually, UK Cheese WREAKS of cheese and maybe a little pine. When I opened the can, I got a HUGE whiff of pine with a light cheese smell. HUGELY disappointing. As a connoisseur of weed, I need my UK Cheese to smell like the inside of a Doritos bag and this was NOT it. After grinding it, the cheese smell came back a little stronger thankfully but again, a dominant pine smell. The taste in the vape leaned to the piney side rather than the cheesy side as well. Again, very disappointed in this. That being said, the potency and buzz were everything I expected it to be. Really spot on with the UK Cheese buzz. Starts strong in the head and about 30 mins later, the body sedation kicks in. It can definitely lead to sleepy time too. So although the taste and smell were very pungent, it was more pine than cheese but the potency is strong for this daily user.

  3. CliffBurton

    Cliff Burton (verified owner)

    Comes on slow. Heavy stone.

  4. NitrisN8

    Nathan Kogiak (verified owner)

    I’m smoke an O every two weeks and I love this 🇬🇧 🧀 (UK Cheese if the emojis dont show up lol) it may not reek like it usually does but that doesn’t mean I don’t get baked as f*uck either lol. Certified pothead (multiple joints a day)for the past 16 years and this strain is legit. Heavy stone like buddy above me already commented. Twist it up and burn it back!

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