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Ok folks, this is the real deal, a shatter pen that actually works.  Many other sites have there own version of what a shatter pen should look like and do.  Well I’ve tried them all, and I can tell you honestly that majority of them do not work the way they should or claim.   This device is as good as a bong nail and torch, but with the convenience of taking it anywhere with you.  Less smell, stronger effects, this is the only way to inhale your THC.  BUT a joint still tastes better 🙂

This is the setup we all use here at, and we are offering them at next to cost.  This product is ideal for vaping our house shatter and Jurassic Bud Cups “Amber”.

Yours Truly

Walter Green

Do not operate any machinery on days you decide to use this device.  Most of all use common sense.

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Walter Approved Shatter Pen

Walter Approved Shatter Kits, NYX Ceramic Donut Replacement Coils (5 pack), NYX Dual Quartz Replacement Coils (5 pack), Yocan NYX Shatter Tank Kits – Silver (Battery pack not included), Yocan NYX Shatter Tank Kits – Black (Battery pack not included), IPV2 Battery Pack, 18650 2500mah Lithium Ion Battery (for the IPV2), Nitecore USB Battery Charger


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