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1 (random backing), 6 Executive, 6 Psychedelic Slug, 6 Groovy Lizard, 6 Pink Peace, 6 Joints (Random Backing)

7 reviews for – Bob’s Joints

  1. Grizz123

    Andrew Pau (verified owner)

    Great product and customer service.

  2. Jano

    Jano (verified owner)

    Good! And a nice gift package.

  3. Darsee0076

    Darsee0076 (verified owner)

    These are an awesome energetic high. The wife and I always order these. They are always sold out for a reason because they are that good. I think we sold them out with our last order, lol.

  4. CheeseUncle

    CheeseUncle (verified owner)

    very satisfreid lol

  5. Skirb

    Skirb (verified owner)

    PIcked up a few packs of these last time they were on special — beautifully rolled and nice quality smoke. Defnitely will buy again.

  6. Chindong420

    BigB (verified owner)

    I like ’em but the ingredients on the back of the package list .8mg nicotine and seeing that it’s written in Dutch and in Europe it is common to roll weed/tobacco joints mixed together got me to wondering ,same here? If so you should say something about that somewhere.

  7. CorrieD

    Corrie Divitt (verified owner)

    These are big for the price and packed well but break them open and you will find many hairs… very disgusting.

    The packaging also says there is nicotine in these…

    • M Green

      M Green

      Sorry to hear that Corrie. We strive to do our best, but sometimes mistakes happen somewhere along the line. Please get in touch with [email protected] and we’ll make it right.

      There’s no nicotine in them either, it’s just on the packaging that we use. Sorry for any confusion.

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