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7 reviews for BCB Cherry Oil

  1. Clichead

    Michael Kopp (verified owner)

    Works well and a fantastic price, but comes in the shittiest bottle possible. I have to dip it in boiling water for a few minutes every time I want to pour out a few drops. Put this in a squeeze bottle please, or something with a dropper! This little glass bottle is not ok!

  2. bearded-pyro

    bearded-pyro (verified owner)

    This is good oil … but the bottle is a pain in the butt …. the oil is so thick and gooey that it sticks in the bottle … a squeeze bottle or a syringe would be so much better ….. great product … not so great packaging

  3. brunomarley (verified owner)

    I like this oil. Just like the write up says, it takes me back to the 90’s. Easy to use , I personally like the glass bottles it comes in, I smoke it just like I did in high school. Packs a good punch for sure. It doesn’t appear to have much of a cherry colour, or as much as I’ve seen in oil before. It has a really nice viscosity? It looks nice and clean, smells good, and tastes good. It is quality oil in my opinion and well worth the price. I’ve bought this a few times now and will again for sure.

  4. Lecter

    Lecter (verified owner)

    That is amazing.

  5. Bcbudstoreaaron

    Bcbudstoreaaron (verified owner)

    Dark oil, not quite green; it’s definitely still cherry oil but on the darker side for sure. Consistency is perfect and gives one hell of a rip. I don’t mind vials myself but it does come in syringes now so will be easier to use for some people. With a price like this its definitely worth the buy.
    Will give 4 stars simply for being a picky person and wanting a lighter cherry color to give it 5 stars, don’t let that stop you though.

  6. BAF

    BAF (verified owner)

    Wow , ya just like the 70’s 80’s and 90’s Zep , Floyd , Deep Purple makes all the pains go away , great on my distonea and arthritis works real good in the vaporizer one dab . Definitely worth the money, is the honey oil the same

  7. spaige

    spaige (verified owner)

    Enjoying the oil very much, good buzz and consistency to the oil.
    I prefer vials as apposed to syringes, I just transfer the syringes content into the vial as needed so it’s no problem.
    “the customer service and delivery were top notch”
    Thanks again

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