BCBud Autumn Photo Contest

Welcome to the BCBud.store Autumn Photo Contest! All BCBud members are encouraged to participate, there’s nothing to lose, and one lucky member will be rewarded with some prime loot!



We’re keeping things simple, with just a few rules:

  1. Your entry must be your own original work
  2. Your entry must clearly show a BCBud.store box or tin
  3. Your entry must be a photograph*
  4. Your entry must be non-offensive to all BCBud members**

*  No art or CGI at this time, please (an art contest is a possibility for the future though!). 
** If there are doubts to the appropriateness of your submission, we encourage you to get in touch here.

We are sorry, but this contest has finished!

Top Rated
Autumn in Canada - Happy Halloween
Autumn in Nunavut
Warm autumn night at Lac-Simon
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Contest winners

1 place
Autumn in Canada - Happy Halloween

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