About BCBud.store


BCBud.store is Canada’s coast-to-coast weed delivery service. We work with some of the most trusted brands in the business to bring you the highest quality product right to your door. Premium bud, delicious edibles, and exclusive creations are just a few clicks away.

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Discreet and convenient, our delivery process is the easiest way to get superior bud directly to your door. With our signature-on-delivery program, Walter Green personally guarantees all orders up to $420 in value. No more waiting in long lines at local clinics or dealing with untrustworthy sources – BcBud.store makes the process simple.

To order, simply go to BCBud.store and set up an account. We ask that you provide a photo of your driver’s licence to ensure that all of our customers are of legal age (don’t worry – this is all we use it for).

Once your membership has been approved, choose the products that you would like to be added to your cart. When you’re ready to checkout, send us an e-Transfer or “pay now” via bitcoin and your product will be on its way. All orders come with a tracking number so you can see exactly when your bud will be arriving.

Orders of 1/8 oz.+ come with Boveda packs included. These two-way moisture control packs maintain optimal product humidity at 62% RH. This keeps your bud fresh and juicy until you’re ready to roll.  For long term storage, we do not recommend storing it at 62% RH.

Get started today – you’re just a few quick clicks away from a premium high delivered right to your door.

Connecting with your bud shouldn’t be complicated – you should never have to worry about connecting with an unreliable supply, or how good it will be once you get it.

BCBud.store makes this experience as chill as possible – we take care to ensure that our weed is the best around and sent directly to you in only a few easy steps. From growth, to packaging, to delivery, we are involved every step of the way so that you don’t have to worry. Just sit back, grab some munchies, crank the tunes and enjoy your buzz. We take care of everything else.

BCBud’s mission is to bring the latest high-quality strains of marijuana, in all its forms, to the cannabis users of Canada. We don’t just deliver some of the juiciest, crystal-laden buds around, we keep pushing the boundaries.

By testing our products ourselves we’re always confident that we ship only the best to our customers. Weed should be fun, so we are constantly coming up with cool exclusive creations to meet all your needs.

Whether medicinal or recreational, connecting with your weed shouldn’t be hard. Here at BCBud.store, we keep that process simple and trustworthy.

We live in an exciting time, with an ever increasing amount of scientific research supporting a myriad of medical applications and other benefits of responsible cannabis use.  At BCBud.store, we have a commitment to keep learning and sharing our knowledge with you, the cannabis community.

For those who use medicinals, taking your medicine can often be a challenge. We want to make sure that the process is easy for you from start to finish and that you can go about your day-to-day life hassle free. We offer non-psychoactive CBD capsules for easy ingestion and a clearer head.

Summer Months

It has been brought to my attention that some of our edibles are melting in transit (gummies, candies, shatter and chocolates).  Unfortunately this problem is out of our control.  We refrigerate and/or freeze all edibles while at our warehouse.   We want to warn our friends here that this could possibly happen during transit and we won’t be able to replace these products.  Please put the edibles directly into the fridge after receiving them, to have them harden back up.