It has been brought to my attention that some of our edibles are melting in transit (gummies, candies, and chocolates).  Unfortunately this problem is out of our control.  We refrigerate and/or freeze all edibles while at our warehouse.   We want to warn our friends here that this could possibly happen during transit and we won’t be able to replace these products.  Please put the edibles directly into the fridge after receiving them, to have them harden back up.

Our summer cut off time is 10:00 AM (eastern standard time).  If possible, place your order before you go to bed to ensure that your order is shipped out the next morning.  Please be sure to follow payment instructions for your order, we can not line up your transfer to your order without following the instructions properly.  Thank you everyone for your patronage and friendship.

–Walter Green

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Our clients are saying...


  … it tastes like shit, but it works … !

      Hello Walter & Staff  !!!

     I made the critical mistake of shooting a full dropper of alcohol sativa tincture into my disparately anxious and yawning mouth and yukkkk  !!!

That Canna co. sativa/indica tincture sure needs a shot of cranberry juice !  I put 3-5 droppers in a shot glass of cran-juice to get it down, it’s so fuckin’ awful tasting but it works so much better than the 4 different LP “oils” that I have tried, and sooo much cheaper !  I will order more but ask for your advice on other products … I like the alcohol based for evening use but might prefer an alcohol free sativa dose for legal driving breath (?) !

I also ABSOLUTELY LOVE Bruce Banner, Covfefe, and Greasy Pink !  These do not allow me to drive my car, but my energy and mood are so functionally elevated !!!  Medicinally, all your products are at least equal to the LP’s, but some are exceptionally better !

I hope you get Bruce and Covfefe back in soon, I also look forward to anything new that you may offer . I also find you EXCEPTIONAL on FB – ACMPR and the group is really accepting, recommending, and even standing up for you ! I love that you and Bob Woolsley are so open and honest, supportive, yet are in competition !  I respect you and Bob more than Canopy or Aurora ALWAYS for being what they will not  –  up front and “here I am”, how can I help ?

Thank you Walter & Staff for everything you do  …  craig m

August 16, 2017

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