It has been brought to my attention that some of our edibles are melting in transit (gummies, candies, and chocolates).  Unfortunately this problem is out of our control.  We refrigerate and/or freeze all edibles while at our warehouse.   We want to warn our friends here that this could possibly happen during transit and we won’t be able to replace these products.  Please put the edibles directly into the fridge after receiving them, to have them harden back up.

Our summer cut off time is 10:00 AM (eastern standard time).  If possible, place your order before you go to bed to ensure that your order is shipped out the next morning.  Please be sure to follow payment instructions for your order, we can not line up your transfer to your order without following the instructions properly.  Thank you everyone for your patronage and friendship.

–Walter Green

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My Place

Tried online shopping with other sites and a total pain in the ass with product lines that have no consistency. The communication was BCBud was absolutely wonderful although hooking up with my e-transfer proved to be a bit troublesome. My product arrived promptly and the quality is wonderful. Think I’ll tell my friends…

4/5 Stars.

lyle hewitt July 15, 2017

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